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Model No. Micro Seiki Cu-180 Gold Disc

Micro Seiki Cu-180 Gold Disc.

Type: Turntable mat
Material: GUN METAL
Diameter: 294mm
Net weight: 1.8kg

Base on age and used for serval years, for sell item will have used marks, scratches, dents, not perfect flat even oxidation.

Condition6.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 5,800.00
Retail Price (USD)768.00
Model No. Micro Seiki AX-9GA Arm Base

Rare and hard to find Micro Seiki AX-9GA arm base.

Comes with two set arm base locks for Micro Seiki RX-5000 / RX-5000 Air / SX-5000 / SX-5000 Air / SX-8000.

Suitable tonearms:
Audiocraft AC-3000 / AC-3300
Micro Seiki MA-505X II / 505S II / 505 MK III / 808X

Condition9.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 4,800.00
Retail Price (USD)636.00
Model No. Micro Seiki MSB-100 Set Of 3

Micro Seiki MSB-100 isolation absorber set of 3. Comes with original user manual.

Type: Isolation absorber for turntable
Handle weight: One piece can hold 8kg

Condition8 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 3,000.00
Retail Price (USD)397.00
QtySet of 3
Model No. Micro Seiki BL-101 Turntable System

Micro Seiki BL-101 turntable system. Comes with A-1206 GUN METAL arm base.

Type: Belt drive turntable system
Speed: 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Outer platter: Aluminum alloy, diameter 305mm, net weight 3kg, moment of inertia 500kg/cm2
Sub platter: Zinc alloy, diameter 180 mm, net weight 1.4kg, moment of inertia 72 kg/cm2
Rotation unevenness: <0.025% (WRMS)
S/N ratio: >60dB (JIS)
Speed adjust range: +/- 6%
Motor: 4-pole 6-slot, outer rotor type brushless DC servo motor
Dimension: W532x H215x D420mm
Net weight: 18kg

Condition8.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 16,800.00
Retail Price (USD)2,225.00

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