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SAE X-25A Hypersonic Class A power amplifier.

The Hyperpersonic Power Output circuit is carried in order to know the limit state of every speaker and to realize the amplifier which drives in the correct range and frequency even when connecting with every speaker.

Circuit system: Hypersonic Class A amplifier with constant current and fixed bias
Symmetrical composition: Balanced complementary design
Output: 250W + 250W (8ohm, 20Hz~20kHz, both channel drive, THD 0.02%)
Intermodulation distortion rate: 0.025% (SMPT method, 70Hz: 7kHz = 4:1)
Frequency characteristics: 20Hz~20kHz +0 -0.5dB (at rated output)
S/N ratio: 110dB (IHF-A short)
Input sensitivity: 0.15V
Transient overload recovery time: 1.5usec. / 20 msec.
Feedback: 22dB
Frequency characteristics in open loop: +80kHz
12 power transistors / ch
TIM: Unmeasurable
Protection function: DC offset (No Short or Current Limiting)
Dimension: W485x H185x D390 mm
Net weight: 24kg
AC voltage: AC-120V 50/60Hz

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