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Rare and hard to find tailor made turntable system.
Takai Lab Final Audio Research VTT-1 turntable set with Final VM-7 GUN METAL platter mat, Final VDS-17 disc stabilizer (Black finishing), Final Audio Base, Final Daruma 3 II insulation plinth base, Lead Console Audio Platform, 2x tailor made no.304 stainless steel tonearm towers and Micro Seiki RY-5500 motor drive unit.
Arm base use with 2x Micro Seiki A-1500 series GUN METAL arm base.

Final VTT-1
Platter diameter: 30cm
Platter material: Alunimun alloy
Platter net weight 15kg
Inertia mass: 3,000kg.cm square
Splindle net weight: Around 5kg

Final VM-7
Mat material: GUN METAL
Mat diameter: 300mm
mat height: 7mm
Net weifht: 4.5kg

Final VDS-17
Stabilizer material: Brass
Diameter: 8.0mm
Height: 5.5mm
Net weight: 1.7kg

Micro Seiki RY-5500
Type: DC servo
Speed: 33 1/3 & 45 rpm
Speed adjust: +/- 6%
AC voltage: AC-100V 50/60Hz

Can under request comes with Micro Seiki A-1500 series GUN METAL arm base which we're in stock: A-1501, A-1502, A-1503, A-1505, A-1506 & A-1507.

Arm base match list please:

For sell item not included tonearms and cartridges which shown on sample pictures.

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